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Kehilat Hakerem is able to function thanks to payments of members. Membership dues support the continuation of Masorti Judaism in Karmiel, the maintenance of community activities and enable the daily management of the Kehila. 

Classes at Midreshet Hakerem are offered at a reduced price to Kehila members.
Membership fees are due on the 1st September each year.
Membership fees 2022/2023 NIS
דמי חבר  תשפ''ב
Family (3 or more) 1000 משפחה (3 נפשות או יותר)
Couple 900 זוג
Single Parent family/Single member 650 יחיד/ משפחה חד-הורית
Retired couple 500 זוג פנסיונרים
Retired single member 400 פנסיונר/ית


1. By direct bank transfer to the "Kehilat Hakerem" Bank Account
- Bank Discount 
# 11-174-
2036861 (Multiple payments possible).

* Please send a copy of the transfer confirmation to gizbar@hakerem.net

2. By check for the current date, together with your details, and mail it to the following addressKehilat Hakerem, POB 568, Karmiel 2161402. 
or put it in the white mailbox next to the office in the Bet Knesset. 

3.  Credit Card וsing Bit or Paybox: Please take a screen shot of the transfer confirmation and send it to Richard at gizbar@hakerem.net. This is the only way we can identify the payment.

4. Please note that we cannot accept cash payments under any circumstances.

5. For more information contact the Treasurer, Richard Levine 
gizbar@hakerem.net 054-599 4057.

YIZKOR BOOKLET                                      

Kehilat Hakerem prepares a special booklet for Yizkor that includes the memorial prayers and the names of our loved ones whom we want to remember.

Jewish tradition teaches us to make a charitable donation in their memory before Yom Kippur. Adding the names of your loved ones to our booklet is one way to fulfill this mitzvah. The cost for each name is NIS 20.


Kehilat Hakerem is a registered non-profit, tax exempt organization (Amuta). To maintain our tax-exempt status and to receive funding from public sources, we must maintain verifiable records of our membership. For these reasons, each household must complete and sign a Membership Registration Form. Please fill in the form legibly in Hebrew, English, or Spanish. 
The following information is required for each household: Family Name (both family names if that is your custom), Home Address including town and ZIP code, Home phone number (if you have one). The following information is required for each adult member: First Name, ID Number, Mobile Phone Number, and Email Address.
All other information is optional. We do, however, recommend that you include information, such as birth dates, children’s names, Hebrew names (for being called up for an Aliyah or for the blessings of recovery from illness), etc. This helps us for planning family activities and celebrations.

Privacy Notice: Kehilat Hakerem respects your privacy. We will not share your private information with our membership or outside bodies without your permission. We reserve the right to provide certain information available to government authorities as required by statute (Name, ID number and address). We will not provide your contact information to any outside bodies for advertising, fund raising, or political purposes. Kehillat Hakerem and the Masorti Movement maintain an email list for weekly bulletins, invitations to meetings, events, and simchas. If you do not wish to be included on this mailing list, please check the applicable box on the Membership Registration Form.
If you receive messages that you do not wish to receive or discover that your private information has been released without your permission, please contact our office. We will promptly remove your name from our email lists and/or correct any error that violated your privacy.


Charges for Bar/Bat Mitzvah at KHK NIS
תשלומים עבור בר/בת מצווה בבית כנסת
New Members 1,200  חברים חדשים
Current Members 1,100  חברים קיימים
Tefillin Ceremony - by arrangement  0  הנחת תפילין - בתיאום 
DONATIONS AND OTHER PAYMENTS  תרומות ותשלומים שונות
Yizkor Board – Members 300 לוח זיכרון – חברים
Yizkor Board – Non-Members 500 לוח זיכרון - שאינם חברים
Tree of Life - Members of the Kehila 1,000 עץ החיים - חברי הקהילה
Tree of Life - Non-members 1,200 עץ החיים - ללו חברי הקהילה
Yom Kippur Memorial Book - each name 20 ספר זיכרון ליום כיפור - כל שם 
Siddur “Ani Tefilati” 50 סידור – "אני תפילתי"‏
Machzor Rosh Hashana 35 מחזור ראש השנה
Machzor Yom Kippur 35 מחזור יום כיפור  (החלפה חינם)
Kehilat Hakerem Karmiel
The Masorti Congregation of Karmiel

Spitzer Center, 4 Sheizaf  St,
POB 568, Karmiel 2161402

קהילת הכרם כרמיאל
הקהילה המסורתית של כרמיאל
Telefax: 972-4-9582613 
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