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Midreshet Hakerem        מדרשת הכרם

Midreshet HaKerem is a joint project of Kehilat HaKerem and Midreshet  Schechter, which is an affiliate of the Shechter Institute of Jewish Studies In Jerusalem.  

Since the early 1990s, the Schechter Institute has offered courses in Jewish studies to immigrants from Russia. Today, Midreshet Schechter offers courses in Judaism to the general public in Israel and abroad.
These courses are based on study of the sources and an examination of the meanings and values implied by them, from a critical historical point of view.

Midreshet Hakerem


Under the Cross and the Crescent:

1500 Years of Jewish History

Second Semester with Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish

 Feb - June 2023


Lectures will begin at 18:15 and end at 20:30.

Courses will be held in Kehilat Hakerem, and on Zoom (surcharge for local residents - see below).

See below for details of how to register and pay


Course of 12 weekly meetings 

Wednesdays starting on 22 February 2023
The main contours of Jewish life in the Middle Ages as a minority within the worlds of Christianity and Islam.

The processes that led to the formation of medieval Jewish communities along with their communal and economic structures.

The rise and fall of the various centers of Jewish life throughout the Middle Ages, the relationships between them, and the historical changes that they endured.

Special attention to the literary creations (historical, cultural and religious) of Jews in the Middle Ages and get a “taste” of them through examples in each lesson.
The Fall Semester began with the repercussions of the Bar Kokhba revolt and ended with the close of the Geonic era (the death of Rav Hai Gaon in 1038), covering a period of roughly 900 years.
The Spring Semester will cover a period of roughly 600 years beginning with the flowering ‎of Jewish communities in North Africa and Europe, and ending with the messianic ‎movement associated with Shabtai Zvi.‎





22 February

   The Rise of Ashkenaz (Megillat Ahima’atz); Family and ‎Society until the Crusades


8 March

 Jewish Society and Creativity in North Africa and Muslim ‎Spain
(Story of the Four Captives)‎


15 March

The Travels of Benjamin of Tudela

22 March

 Rashi, the Tosafists and the Ashkenazic Pietists


29 March

The Crusades and the Chronicle of Solomon bar Simeon


3 May

Maimonides and his Works


10 May

Early Kabbalah in Provence and Spain


17 May

The Jews of Christian Spain


24 May

The Maimonidean Controversies


31 May

The Black Death and its Repercussions

11. 7 June
Expulsion of the Jews from Spain and Don Isaac Abarbanel
15 June

Lurianic Kabbalah, the Sabbatean Crisis, and the end of the ‎Jewish Middle Ages



Course Pricing 2023

 Full course – members‏ ‏of Kehilat Hakerem‎ 120‎
Full course – non-members  240‎
Single class – members‏ ‏of Kehilat Hakerem‎  30
 Single class – non-members   60‎

Surcharge for Zoom participation by Karmiel/Misgav residents (see note below)
Second course, same semester  
Spouse as second registrant 50%
Full year in advance 50%
Friend brings a friend1 50%
"Course Verifier” (one only)2 50%
Note: Only one discount may be chosen per semester/course
 For registration and further information by email or phone        052-2693758     midrasha@hakerem.net

Bank Transfer
Check/cheque  Deposit in Treasurer’s Box at Synagogue
Bit and PayBox 055-6671593
Cash In person

Beneficiary in all cases
Kehilat Hakerem, Karmiel

1. Friend brings a friend: This discount will be available to past participants who bring in a new participant who has never taken a course before.

2. Course Verifier: The Education Ministry requires that we appoint someone who is actually present during the activity and who is not an employee or volunteer in the organization. Please contact us if you are interested in fulfilling this essential role.

Please note! In accordance with Education Ministry rules, each course must have at least 10 registrants physically present in the classroom. Any number of participants are allowed on Zoom but cannot be included in the above requirement. We will not be able to hold the course with less than 10 registrants committed to class participation!!!

Zoom participation: In order to encourage in-class attendance, Karmiel and Misgav participants who want to participate by Zoom must pay a surcharge of 50%. In case of sickness or special circumstances Karmiel region participants may use Zoom with prior notification and at no extra cost. Zoom will be available to participants outside of the Karmiel/Misgav region at no extra cost.

Kehilat Hakerem Karmiel
The Masorti Congregation of Karmiel

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POB 568, Karmiel 2161402

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