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Services - Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies


In the Masorti Movement, we believe Halacha (Jewish Law) is eternally binding on the Jewish People and we seek to observe it to the best of our ability. At the same time, we believe Halacha is a dynamic process that is influenced by the sacred texts of our tradition as interpreted by generations of rabbis and scholars and also by the changing conditions of our daily life. It is our sacred duty to search for the balance between tradition and change in order to make Halacha relevant and a force that strives for good in our world.


If you’re used to a traditional synagogue, then services at Kehilat Hakerem will be quite familiar to you. The main differences you will notice (apart from some minor changes in wording) is that men and women sit together, and men and women both participate fully in the service. We currently have about two dozen members who can lead services, or read from the Torah, or chant Haftarah.

If you would like to be added to our list of Baalei Tefilah then please contact our coordinator Marion Juster.

If you would like to learn the trop in order to be able to read from the Torah please contact Rav Gil.

Usual Service Times

Kehilat Hakerem holds evening and morning services on Shabbat and Yomtov, and morning services on Rosh Chodesh.

In addition, we hold services on other occasions during the year (such as Israel Independence Day or Holocaust Remembrance Day), and to allow a Bar or Bat Mitzvah to put on tefillin for the first time.

Friday Evenings and Festival Eves:
Evening services vary with the time of year. Check the rolling News section for this week’s evening service times.

Sabbath and Festival morning services:

Rosh Chodesh morning services:
Sifrei Torah in their High Holyday covers

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Ceremonies

Kehilat Hakerem has had the pleasure of celebrating with many families as their children reach the age of 12 or 13. Bnei Mitzvah families, both members of long standing and those experiencing their first significant synagogue service, enjoy the support of the Rabbi and the Kehilah teacher, and the warmth of the congregation.

This life-cycle celebration is celebrated according to the wishes of the family and can include the following elements :
  • The Bar/Bat Mitzvah puts on tefillin for the first time at a Monday or Thursday Shacharit service.
  • On Friday night, they lead Kiddush, and they, or another family member, might lead the Kabbalat Shabbat service.
  • On Shabbat morning, they will be called to the Torah and participate in the service in other ways.

Bnei Mitzvah Course

The Chug Bnei Mitzvah, led by Rabbi Gil Nativ, meets every week one hour before the start of Kabbalat Shabbat. Children participate for four months prior to their Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony. The Rabbi discusses different topics, such as the meaning of the ceremony and the form it takes, the structure of the prayers, and Tikkun Olam (“Repairing the World”).

Our Bar Mitzvah teacher is Robert Sasportas, who has been working with great success for the past 10 years with kids from Karmiel and surrounding towns, and for him it is a true “labor of love.”

He teaches the students synagogue skills and the importance of tzedaka, prepares them for the ceremony, and introduces them to the significance of ritual items such as tallit, tefillin, and mezuzah. His patience, dedication and warmth are mentioned repeatedly in the thank-you cards and letters he receives from Bnei Mitzvah and their families.
  • “Robert, Thank you for your dedication and patience, for your understanding smile and your support.” Snir Sachar, Bar Mitzvah, March 2011
  • “Robert is an amazing Jewish educator. Over the years, he has trained hundreds of children, many from secular backgrounds, and connected them to a love of Judaism.” Liora Asa, mother of two children trained by Robert.
His outreach work helps bring many nominally secular families into contact with Kehilat Hakerem and Masorti Judaism, often for the first time. He is also delighted to work with family members who want to participate in the service.

Contact Rav Gil Nativ 052-428 2818 if you would like to hear more.
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