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About Us          
Kehilat Hakerem is a fully egalitarian, highly participatory Masorti (Conservative) congregation. The Masorti Movement believes Halacha (Jewish Law) is eternally binding on the Jewish People. As a Masorti congregation, we combine Halacha and tradition with an open approach to scholarship, Jewish life, and the ideals and values of our day.

We are a warm and welcoming group of native-born Israelis and immigrants from many countries. We’d be very happy to see you at a service, a study session, or one of our other activities.

For more information, please contact us (see email links and telephone numbers below).

מספרי טלפון
Contact Numbers

Julie Landau, 

ג'ולי לנדאו, ראש ועד
050-900 7922

Richard Levine,
ריצ'רד לוין, גזבר
04-980 2035

רכז מדרשת הכרם
Midreshet Hakerem coordinator

דון ג'קובסון

Don Jacobson
052-269 3758

Kehilat Hakerem
04-958 2613

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Twinned Congregations

Masorti congregations outside of Israel have twinned with Kehilat Hakerem.

We become their “home synagogue” for members of their congregation visiting Israel. In addition to the benefits of increasing the sense of Jewish identity among their members, twinned congrega-tions have the satisfaction of knowing they are supporting the growth and survival of Masorti Judaism in Israel.

If you are interested in exploring the possibility of twinning your congregation with Kehilat Hakerem, please contact the President.

Some Milestones in Kehilat Hakerem History

1979: Organizational meeting to establish the congregation in the spring
1979: High Holiday services in the Moadon Noar in the Dromit neighborhood
1980: First Bat Mitzvah (Rozi Juster) in June
1980: Moved to Moadon Gil Hazahav on Tzahal Street
1990: Kehilat HaKerem becomes egalitarian
1992: Raphi Friedman becomes Rabbi
1993: Hebrew becomes the official language
1997: Moved to our own building (Mercaz Spitzer on Sheizaf Street)
1997: First Bat Mitzvah in the new building (Nadia Steimberg)
2000: Tsvi Landau becomes Rabbi
2008: Reuven Resnick becomes Rabbi
2011: Beit Midrash extension is completed
2011: Mijael Even-David becomes Rabbi
2015: Rabbi Dr. Gil Nativ becomes Rabbi
2017: Rabbi Minna Bromberg becomes visiting guest Rabbi
2019: Keren Fite PhD is appointed Community Director

כמה אבני דרך בקהילת הכרם

1979: פגישה ארגונית להקמת הקהילה באביב
1979: שירותי נופש גבוהים ב'מועדון 'בשכונת דרומית
1980: בת המצווה הראשונה (רוזי יוסטר) בחודש יוני
1980: הועבר למודון גיל הזהב ברחוב צח"ל
1990: קהילת הכרם הופכת לשוויונית
1992: רפי פרידמן הוא רב
1993: העברית הופכת לשפה הרשמית
1997: עבר לבניין שלנו (מרכז שפיצר ברחוב שיזף)
1997: בת המצווה הראשונה בבניין החדש (נדיה שטיימברג)
2000: צבי לנדאו הופך לרב
2008: ראובן רזניק הופך לרב
2011: השלמת בית המדרש
2011: מיכאל אבן דוד הוא הרב
2015: הרב ד"ר גיל נתיב הוא הרב
2017: הרב מינה ברומברג הופך אורח אורח
2019: ד"ר קרן פייט התמנתה למנהלת הקהילה



In early 1979, a group of English speakers in Karmiel got together to form a Conservative congregation that resembled a 'shul' in 'the old country' instead of the Orthodox congregations that existed. A small congregation of mainly English-speaking olim held its first services for the High Holydays that year.
In 1990, Kehilat Hakerem voted to become egalitarian, and since then we have a growing number of women learning to read Torah and Haftarah and lead services. 
In 1997 we finally moved into our own permanent synagogue building, the Spitzer Center on Sheizaf Street, thanks to generous donations from Morris Spitzer from New York and Harry Stern from Philadelphia, and in cooperation with the Karmiel Municipality.
Morris Spitzer on a visit to the Mayor's office in Karmiel.
Our Kehila was enhanced in 2008 by the arrival of Rabbi Reuven Resnik, originally from the US, and his Russian speaking wife Shula, who contributed much in the way of outreach to Russian speakers and the Arab and Druse communities in the area.

In 2010 we received a further donation from Morris Spitzer, enabling us to expand our facilities to include a purpose-built Beit Midrash (which runs courses in all four languages as well as study trips), a large kitchen, an area for the overflow during our holiday services and a space for kiddushim.
הרב מיכאל אבן-דוד, עולה מצ'ילה, יחד עם אשתו, רעיה, ישראלית עם שורשים משפחתיים בארה"ב, הצטרף אלינו בשנת 2011 עד 2015, והעשיר את הקהילה שלנו עם יכולות משותפות בשלוש שפות.

Rabbi Mijael Even-David, an oleh from Chile, together with his wife, Raya, an Israeli with family roots in the US, joined us in 2011 until 2015, enriching our kehila with their joint abilities in three languages.
הרב גיל נתיב, יליד הארץ עם ניסיון של קהילות מסורתיות ברחבי העולם, היה המנהיג הרוחני שלנו בשנים 2015-2017 ויחד עם אשתו זיוה תרם רבות לקהילתנו.

Rabbi Gil Nativ, a native Israeli with experience of Masorti communities across the globe, served as our spiritual leader  2015 - 2017. Rav Gil, together with his wife Zivah, continue to live in Karmiel and contribute much to our Kehila.
Kehilat Hakerem Karmiel
The Masorti Congregation of Karmiel

Spitzer Center, 4 Sheizaf  St,
POB 568, Karmiel 2161402

קהילת הכרם כרמיאל
הקהילה המסורתית של כרמיאל
Telefax: 972-4-9582613 
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