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Midreshet Hakerem        מדרשת הכרם

Midreshet HaKerem is a joint project of Kehilat HaKerem and Midreshet  Schechter, which is an affiliate of the Shechter Institute of Jewish Studies In Jerusalem.  

Since the early 1990s, the Schechter Institute has offered courses in Jewish studies to immigrants from Russia. Today, Midreshet Schechter offers courses in Judaism to the general public in Israel and abroad.
These courses are based on study of the sources and an examination of the meanings and values implied by them, from a critical historical point of view.

Midreshet Hakerem New Semester
Spring 2019


Mondays starting on March 4 2019 at 7:45pm (in English)‎
"Martin Buber's Thought and Legacy"
Lecturer: Avi Kadish
Martin Buber's iconoclastic Jewish Philosophy reflects the great events of the 20th ‎century, by dealing with their impact on humanity and on the Jewish soul. We will ‎study his philosophy "inside", i.e. from the original texts, including both general ‎essays and specifically "Jewish" ones (some of which have bearing on the future of ‎Judaism). We will also address some of the criticisms and critics of his philosophy.‎

Sundays from 3 March 2019 at 19:30 (in Hebrew)
"Parashat Hashavua from the psychological perspective"
Lecturer: Issachar Eshet
Tuesdays from 12 March 2019 at 19:30 (in Hebrew)
"Between the actual and the desirable: the future of Judaism"
A series of lectures on the future of Judaism and the Jewish people in the eyes of lecturers from various streams - religious, secular and everything inbetween.
Opening Lecture: "The seven great challenges of the Jewish people in the 21st century"
Lecturer: Rabbi Prof. David Golinkin, President of the Schechter Institute

Thursdays beginning on 7 March 7 2019 at 19:00
'Pirkei Avot as a gateway to the Oral Law"
Lecturers: Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish and Rabbi Dr. Gil Nativ
The Oral Law is a meeting between the temporal and the eternal, between the human and the heavenly. Within the Oral Law there are two components: Halakhah deals with the act of people, whereas the aggadah speaks of the act of God. Tractate Avot (Pirkei Avot) is a kind of introduction to the Mishna and Oral Law, a combination of the giving of the Torah from Heaven and a profound reflection on the nature of man and the nature of the Torah.
We will study Pirkei Avot with a variety of commentaries and reference materials.

Paid up members of Kehilat Hakerem can attend the courses without payment.

Charge for non-members: NIS 150 for the whole semester of 12 sessions, to be paid in advance, or NIS 20 per session.

Register with Don 052-2693758.

Kehilat Hakerem Karmiel
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קהילת הכרם כרמיאל
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