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Midreshet Hakerem        מדרשת הכרם

Midreshet HaKerem is a joint project of Kehilat HaKerem and Midreshet  Schechter, which is an affiliate of the Shechter Institute of Jewish Studies In Jerusalem.  

Since the early 1990s, the Schechter Institute has offered courses in Jewish studies to immigrants from Russia. Today, Midreshet Schechter offers courses in Judaism to the general public in Israel and abroad.
These courses are based on study of the sources and an examination of the meanings and values implied by them, from a critical historical point of view.

Midreshet Hakerem New Semester

Autumn 2021


NEW COURSE in English beginning Wednesday 13 October 2021

Lectures will begin at 18:15 in Kehilat Hakerem, and by Zoom.

We will be guided by Ministry of Health Green Passport guidelines in class.

For further details‏ ‏and pre-registration: email: midrasha@hakerem.net or call 052-2693758. 


Course of 12 weekly meetings 

Lead lecturer: Rabbi Dr. Avi Kadish

"Forms of Idolatry"

An Exploration of the Biblical Injunction against Idolatry in Jewish and Modern Life

Who is a Jew?

According to the Talmud: A Jew is someone “who repudiates idol worship”: - Tractate Megillah, 13:71

According to Prof. Asa Kasher (Idolatry and Judaism), “Anything in the world that has prominence in its importance for a person may be defined as an idol for that person”  and that, further, such prominence becomes idolatry when it is brought to a “positive extreme”.

Is every image an idol? Does every pursuit in life have the potential for idolatry? How much is too much?

This course will help us understand the biblical injunction against idolatry, how we can identify it according to Jewish law and practice and what we can do to avoid it.

Lesson Date Subject
13.10.21 Idolatry in the Bible and Jewish Law
20.10.21 Idolatry in Jewish History and Thought
Idolatry in Jewish and Israeli Life Today
27.10.21 Torah Scholars and Halakha as Idolatry
03.11.21 Mysticism and Superstition as Idolatry
10.11.21 Land and Nation as Idolatry
17.11.21 Universalism as Idolatry
Idolatry in Modern Life
24.11.21 Youth and Fitness as Idolatry
01.12.21 “Love”, Sex and Hedonism as Idolatry
08.12.21 Career, Wealth and Power as Idolatry
15.12.21 Consumerism as Idolatry
22.12.21 Virtual Universes as Idolatry
29.12.21 Ideology as Idolatry


Participation requires advance registration and payment
Cost: NIS 120 for members of Kehilat Hakerem, NIS 240 for the general public
Please register in advance by email  midrasha@hakerem.net  or call Don 052-2693758


Payment can be made either:

a.  by cash/cheque at the first meeting at Kehilat Hakerem or

b. by bank transfer: Bank Discount (11) Branch 174 Account No. 2036861

In bank transfer, please note "Avi Kadish"


Kehilat Hakerem Karmiel
The Masorti Congregation of Karmiel

Spitzer Center, 4 Sheizaf  St,
POB 568, Karmiel 2161402

קהילת הכרם כרמיאל
הקהילה המסורתית של כרמיאל
Telefax: 972-4-9582613 
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